“I’ve always wanted to get this girl to play fetch with me but she’s soooo obsessed with balls and just couldn’t get the idea of bringing them back to me! BUT.... after just one session with Will Davis teaching ME (not her!) we’ve mastered it!!!! ...... I’m struggling to contain my excitement!! ”

“Another great training session with Will this morning and being shown how to do some reiki on her to calm her down after hyping her up was great and will be using it going forward.....

highly recommend Will”

“after Reiki Lucy is now super chilled. If you need any help with your puppy, I recommend having a session with Will”

'Thank you for all your help with training.  I definitely feel more confident handling her now and no way 4 months ago would she of ever done recall this well, the tips with Reiki healing super chill her out too, she's a different dog to the puppy that was on the streets of Portugal!

 — feeling accomplished'

'The super helpful and friendly, Will is a knowledgeable gem and I would highly recommend him if you need help with you canine companions'

Just walked Blu my self... amazing!!
No barking.. he kept checking in with me... 
Remarkable difference.. it was a pleasure to walk with him... I would highly recommend Will.. imagine the dog I will have in a couple of months time..
Well worth the time and effort...
Whoop whoop

My Lola is a different dog to the one we adopted thanks to Will, so calm and willing to please

"Great first session! Wills helping us with two bouncy sausage dogs. After a few days of doing our homework from Will can already see great improvement in the two. Highly recommend, nice guy and really knows what he is doing, can't wait for the next session"

"Absolutely brilliant,followed wills instructions....was the first time I enjoyed a walk with kai...what a difference!highly recommend him.thanks so much again"

"One lesson, what a difference, can’t praise and thank you enough Will. Recommend 110%"

"I’m seeing huge improvements each time in Ryder’s connection with me. His energy was much calmer during and after our session today. It’s about finding what works for you and your dog and this is working extremely well. Thank You Will."